Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Golden Brown

Dont really know what to post today and not up to too much. I thought about writing something on WIRED's extensive Second Life Article (Wired 10-06 Lets Go: Second Life) but then they havent put it online yet so who am I to start photographing magazines etc, its all very first life. Typically Second Life was doing maintenance at EXACTLY the time I was giving my "second life" lecture last week in Milan, so I couldnt take the audience for a walk, but anyway the title was more symbolic than anything

So anyway I was shopping for land and found myself on some beach as usual and there was a raft and you could lie down on it in different ways, and it was early morning because the servers are in San Francisco I think, and I just decided to relax and just spend time there, looking at the waves and listening to The Stranglers' "Golden Brown".

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