Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Venice Leftovers (and Milano Misc)

Here's some leftover images from my venice visit last month.

How big can a boat get? Big Boats look even Bigger in Venice,because everything else is human sized. This was the Norwegian Glamour or something like that, parked right outside the Giardini.
Cute 80's (1880's) looking cabinet from some local furniture maker. Looks kind of like 1980's too
A still from the brazilian pavilion showing the SESC Pompeia by the fantastic Mrs Lina Bo Bardi. I waited for ever to get a better frame, of this great building. When I went to visit it in Sao Paolo it was closed and I could only peek through the heavy gates. I suppose I just have stay with the books.
The Tree Pavilion outside the Giardini. A very popular spot with the locals but maybe too cute for architects?
A passage way roof in Milan
some trees

and a haunting piece of the Castello Sforzesco

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