Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Recently in some magazines (and books)

Obviously working too much is bad for your blog, today I'm sick and had to skip university so this is my pathetic attempt to keep posting, though I promise I will resume soon
Spanish arch mag arq./a had a nice article though as usual I cant read it
The DAMDI publishing came out with this book on furniture and all things "body"

they featured Soft Ruin which hasn't been published much, if at all
PlayGround, a collaboration with Eleni Kostika, an installation that survived only 1 night before being torn to pieces... this was supposed to be a surveilled public sculpture project etc etc
and a pretty extensive publication of the Blue Wave project and all it's extensions

check out Bodyscape for nice projects by Juergen Mayer H, Julien De Smedt and many moreoh and here's a couple of months of my Velvet column,

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Printing Buildings

Models being printed with ZCorps' great zPrinter450, courtesy the nice people at PV Engineering and

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Last Night in Athens

It was the second round of ReMap KM openings. I got there late just in time for Amie Dickes' weird and wonderful performance at lovely Javier Perez
which ended in tears and destruction and smiles

on the second floor of Javier you can see sexy Marcus Knupp paintings
in the back an outdoor AVAF mural
later on we went to Amateur Polish disco with Agustin Perez Rubio and Tolo (with great Konstantin Grcic studying his Polish beer in the background)
"How do I look" Javier with Angelo
but then everybpdy was too busy having fun to take photos

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Random London

was in London this weekend, it was grey and sunny and funny and boring
all at the same time, as usual.

We went to see the "Seduced" show at the great Barbican center, which,
apart from the Mapplethorpe pics, was not so great

the columns outside were somehow sexier

nice oversized lounge somewhere in the huge barbican

then over at Frieze art fair they had a sculpture part with a great Marc Bijl piece
courtesy of lovely Breeder
and some nice Jose Pedro Croft (looks like do-it-yourself Dan Graham but cooler)

fabulous Tobias Rehberger furniture
(I hate the word fabulous but how else to describe?)

great John Armleder wallpaper
funny Jennifer Bronstein at the totally anarchic Gavin Brown Enterprise where you could buy original artworks for 10 pounds and eat Gavin Brownies (the other galleries were a little freaked out)

great great great piece but I dont remember the name of the artist
Angelo looking Red and Bluenice staircase at the ICAbye bye funny "airplane in the sky" lounge-pillow

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

White Night Lecture

Here's the short lecture I gave, over and over, during the Nuit Blanche in Paris (even though I was in bed in Athens)

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Last Night in Second France

They were having white nights allover Paris France and all the museums stayed open all night etc.

As part of that even Daniele Balit and Christophe Bruno curated an exhibition in Paris Second France and had invited me to give a lecture and also show Cloud House.

I logged in at some point but it was very busy and crashing and too much talk and too many people, so a bit like an opening where you have to type a lot. Instead I went back early sunday, the place was empty apart from a few people obviously left over from the night before, and I could see the show.
a lot of Yona Friendman Spatial City drawings, originally posted at Helfe Ihnen's big Yona Friendman project at another SL location, where I've contributed a Blue Wave building (I have to learn how to post SURL's I'm just too lazy)
Etienne Joubert's "Artiste Sans Tete"
a great Manetas floor
always funny and interesting Claude Klosky
I was trying to sit and watch this video but it kept sitting me backwards
or in weird running positions? (should I run more? Is this an omen?)finally a view of the whole show, which is put together like a precarious stack of floors designed (I think) by Ignazio Mottola, with the cloud as a cherry on the top, and its funny because this is the third time I'm asked to put a version of the cloud house on top of another building and here its so much easier because in Second Life you have no gravity and no budgets.