Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Recently in some magazines (and books)

Obviously working too much is bad for your blog, today I'm sick and had to skip university so this is my pathetic attempt to keep posting, though I promise I will resume soon
Spanish arch mag arq./a had a nice article though as usual I cant read it
The DAMDI publishing came out with this book on furniture and all things "body"

they featured Soft Ruin which hasn't been published much, if at all
PlayGround, a collaboration with Eleni Kostika, an installation that survived only 1 night before being torn to pieces... this was supposed to be a surveilled public sculpture project etc etc
and a pretty extensive publication of the Blue Wave project and all it's extensions

check out Bodyscape for nice projects by Juergen Mayer H, Julien De Smedt and many moreoh and here's a couple of months of my Velvet column,


Stratos Bacalis said...

your articles look and read great! thanks for posting them. Is Mark magazine sold at foreign press newsstands or do you have a subscription?

Andreas Angelidakis said...

thanks... though I have nothing to do with how they look. you can get mark from Papasotiriou

Stratos Bacalis said...

thanks Andreas!!! I'll be in Athens next week, hope to be able to see Aggelo's work for Destroy Athens.