Friday, July 13, 2012

A Book Unfolded

 I was asked by artist and friend Vassiliea Stylianidou to contribute something to the project revolving, or unfolding out of her recent book "The Plotless Room _ I Lie to History". 

That something could be an inhabitable structure she said, a house.
 as I am browsing through the book, I realize slowly that it's neither a catalogue or exactly an artists' book, but almost an inhabitable structure itself. There are pages of text that refer to emotions and thoughts, like a house. Texts by guests  inhabit some of the pages,

there are many references to the stages of construction of a house, and many pages of people meeting and eating inside unfinished structures. 

As I am flipping through the book in an erratic way, I feel like I am walking around an incomplete house, a house under construction, and I am looking for a place of my own, a spot to claim.

 some pages rotate sideways, maybe now I am lying on a makeshift bed, in a corner of this concrete frame house.
looking close, I notice structures made of hardware, towers topped by chewing gum,  
and I wonder if I am still in the same house or I have I left?
then a view out of a corporate window of succes and a business man with chewing gum covering his face.

is this house in Greece or in Vasillieas' adopted Germany?

 I realize that this is the simulation
 a landscape wrapped around soft forms
a concrete frame curiously inhabiting a room of it's own

 "the text has acquired an intimate relation to the viewer"

"A section of this post has been printed an re-photographed by Vassiliea in Berlin"
suddenly the unfinished frame of a house that inhabited a room inside a museum, 
 which we saw inside a book, 
 and then on a blog, 
was printed A4 sheets of paper
 photographed inside a room in Berlin.
 only to end up
 back on the internet
 this is the simulation