Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Monument to an oncoming disaster - Gate to the Athens Marina

A Marina is by definition a place where we leave the city to go off into the sea, to find leisure and pleasure in nature. Recently our relationship with Nature has changed drastically, and environmentalists predict that things will only get worse. According to a popular scientific scenario, sea levels around the world will rise, resulting in a severely altered coastline that will find many beachside developments underwater.
Instead of designing a gate for the Athens Marina, we proposed a structure that refers to this potentially new sea level. Using the geometric rock modules that break waves are usually built with, we balance an artificial island up at the future horizon line. The structure at present time functions as the gate for the Athens Marina gate though in reality it is an island expecting the oncoming disaster.
Further down at the marina, the flagpole is made from precariously balancing the rock modules one on top of the other, again to form the base for a tiny island that can barely host a wind turbine. The wind turbine functions as a wind direction indicator while creating sufficient energy for a light signal. This tiny island will function as a beacon for approaching ships in the future sea.

Andreas Angelidakis Studio, Athens Marina competition entry, completion 2011.
Project team: Sotiris Vasileiou, Nana Stathi, Efrosyni Charalambous, Eirini Anthouli, Andreas Sivitos
Construction consultant Christos Kaklamanis - Palimpsest
Green Roof consultant Grigoris Kotopoulis E-Green

construction partner Diarchon

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