Wednesday, January 27, 2010

So many Vitrines, so little Time

Everywhere we went last week in NY, there were vitrines with archival stuff in them.
Here some fanzines at the newly directed Artists' Space
Behind a wall, a giant photomural of William Burroughts Bowery Bunkerand some classic Ray Johnson

At White Columns, more vitrines with underground poetry fanzines

and very collectible posters

in one of the other rooms, "hitch hikers" curated by Bob Nickas
more great posters

at a gallery on 27th street, I took these for buildings
they could easily be
at Mary Boone, even more vitrines, this time from the total master
though the show was weirdly installed and quite frankly too packed

over at X Initiative many more vitrines with more underground artists publication
(I guess we just have to take their word that all these are interesting,
because they are behind glass and we cant see)upstairs, in arguable one of the finest ever exhibition rooms,
an ephemerally political show by the absolutely great Hans Haacke
and on another floor a really political show that wants Ru Paul for president (who doesnt?)
at Drawing Center a promising Ianis Xenakis show with kind of chic vitrines
though the most promising content was again behind glass
at Mathew Marks, more vitrines by Fischly & Weiss
and finally no vitrines but very cute chair-like objects
by the very cute Bruce High Quality Foundation

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