Sunday, January 27, 2013


Through the miracle of facebook
I rediscovered one of my teenage heroes

transvestive activist and publisher Paola Revenioti

her magazine Kraximo (fagbashing) one was of the reasons I would skip school 
and head to downtown Athens
its pages were full of hot guys and clever poets
Paola took most of the photos herself
 they were her lovers

and friends

the magazine was a total mystery

it was a cross between an anarchist newspaper and a porn magazine, 

 slashed together with a poetry and photography journal
 published out of the anarchist neighborhood of Exarchia
 it was full of police brutality reports against gays and trannies

 hot guys lazily lounging
 downtown legends like the cross dressing Andona (female for Andonis)
 pics of bad hot cops
 fellow Exarchia anarchists and punks
 When I first contacted Paola, who is still super active, though only online
on facebook and youtube
where together with George Liakos she uploads documentaries on trannies, immigrants, male prostitutes and often antiquity.
I proposed a feature in the fabulous CANDY magazine, and thats how we met

Her combination of interests and activities is what I understand today as a contemporary art practice

visiting with Paola I realized she maintained a fantastic archive both of the magazine and her own photography.

 and I suggested we work on an exhibition of her photos

and videos (which we spliced together)
at The Breeder
 the show runs until Feb 16th
 on January 30 we will have a discussion with Paola on the show and her current and future activities
sexy boys sit together with aging queens

unexpected visitors

PAOLA curated by Andreas Angelidakis
The Breeder
17th Jan- 16th Feb. 2013
exhibition installation Andreas Angelidakis with Sotiris Vasiliou and Alexandra Syriou
special thanks to Manolito :)

read more about Paola
on Greek Wikipedia
LiFO (Greek)

Two Talks

Here's two talks I gave *recently*
One was a chat with ROLU's Matt Olson, as part of their Walker Art Center residency

The other an intentionally interrupted talk on Suburbia, in our suburban guest-room
for the symposium Vies Mobile at the Maison Rouge in Paris 

I was a White Slave in Brooklyn (Long Island version)

recently we visited PS1MOMA and like many museums they dont let you take pictures

whats the point of going to a show if you cant blog about it?
at PS1 they at least let you take pictures of the wall texts and labels
and the white walls too
so here is my PS1 visit in wall labels

and I only put the labels of the works that attracted my attantion

 or I was intrigued enough to go look at the label
 and actually read what the thing was

 sometimes I just liked the nanopuff
 or I liked pieces as room decoration

 or as over the top extravagant follies
 videos I had seen before but still like
 more titles

Drag Queen Shoulders in Dawn

 and works that were not works but attempts to remember. 
But how can you remember if there are no pics?