Sunday, September 30, 2007

Madrid in a flash

Not really a coherent post this time, was in Madrid for the opening of Sueño de casa propia, and had a chance to see the city briefly, and all the Bear bars in detail
the very cute but not so practical airport by Richard Rogers, and from there directly to Casa Encendida to install another model of the Cloud House

the video room with plants on top, almost a casa propria itselfbooks to read
cute cameraman under Yona Friedmans' corrugated cardboard "roof"
the Bouroullec brothers polysterine house the almost finished crazy Caixa foundation by Herzog & de Meuron
the curious Reina Sophia extension by Jean Nouvel

wich looks a bit like an ultra glam hoover, maybe not his best workand the fab Atochas train station.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

If you´re in Madrid tonight...

Come to Casa Encendida for the opening of Sueño de casa propia, curated by Maria Ines Rodriguez with Pablo Leon de la Barra. Afterwards there will be a party on the roof with music by Augustine and Tolo, and after that another party, and another, Madrid never stops.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Forever Laser

Here's some pics from the just (almost) finished Forever Laser in Geneva. Select furniture by Ilias Lefas, some of the photos by Gregory Maillot.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Last night in Metaxourgio

Last night Rebecca Camhi gallery presented MirrorCloud, ScreenTree, Lichtplein and Walking Building at the fantastic screening "room" of ReMap_KM.
Here's a quick clip

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Last night on the bridge Montblanc

A swan was sleeping on the black water
I think I woke him upa white flag with a black hole
Money and watches reflected

Some more destruction

Passing by a second time from the first Athens Biennial, I payed closer attention to some pieces that I missed during the opening. The exhibition was even better the second time around, but this was already last week so I'm a bit bored to wrtite about it. Still I bothered to bootleg a clip from Bernhard Wilhelms voguing national guard, so here's a quick clip:
also Narve Hovdenakk's "Neo-Man"
great Otolith group, though the installation could have been a little bit less ugly
some funny chairs watching Olaf Breuning's great "Home II" video
some blue tubes
AVAF deflated but still one of my favourite pieces, maybe even better in decadent state

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Athens Destroyed

So the Athens Biennial is finally here, curated by Xenia Kalpakstoglou, Poka Yio & Augustine Zenakos - 9 September - 18 November, and its' great, though not the kind of exhibition you can easily describe with photos, its one of those you actually have to walk through to understand. The whole experience is perfectly choreographed, and the sequence of works really works. Here's some of the pieces I liked and remembered to take pictures of, though unfortunately I don't have a pic of Bernhard Wilhelm's super faggy voguing greek soldier, but here's Assume Vivid Astro Focus' beach-garden-transvestite sex clubwith great buttplug flagsthe rest of the show is much more somber,
as a great grey corridor takes you from space to space
I loved the spooky housein the Rodakis video by Olaf Nicolai,Yorgos Sapounzis always trying to be a sculpturethe callas always in superman uniform
spraypaint in the snowKimberly Clark amongst the ruinsThe family Koh posing with cast of dead son
(somebody ate his dick!)

just after lovely Terence's fab performance, with music by the very lovely Amateur Boys

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Art and the City

The Athens Biennial is opening today, and in parallel tons of cool things are happening. Best in town is the ReMap KM project, a selection 0f 16 international galleries in guerrilla spaces in the Kerameikos / Metaxourgeio areas, coordinated and art-directed by lovely Chloe Vaitsos. Here's what I loved, by gallery of course:
"Athens" byMustafa Hulusi at Rodeo gallery
Rebecca Camhi: Spooky colorful Claire Woods,
Angelo Plessas', a week before it goes online. This is part of Angelos' Website Triangle project, in my entirely unbiased opinion the coolest project
The great Uwe Henneken at the Breedera fabulous roof painting by Federico Herrero at Blow de la Barra
and crazy cypriot turkish greek flag by Carolina Caycedo
and super spooky and dark by Angelo Plessas (launched online yesterday)
over at Peres Projects we got a great tour of the huge space by super cute Javier. I loved the Nate Lowman / Dan Colen piece, because I always love Nate

Terence Koh presented classical sculptures with really big dicks, a historical correction we have been waiting for for centuries...
somehow I got distracted by the sun hitting the cheap plastic railing.. visiting these buildings was totally half the fun
Dean Sameshima's Andrew Cunanan, from his Gay Serial Killers, right on time for the 10 years of Gianni Versace (watch Fashion Victim today!)downstairs at Andreas Melas a drawing but I dont know by who, as part of the PaperRad show.

this is a bad photo of the great painting by Graham Anderson at Nice & Fit.

a chinese parthenon
Anastasia Douka's low tech sci-fi at Loraini Alimantiri
and right outside, Angelo Plessas' hypnotic (the title of the Istanbul Biennial) presented by Rodeo Gallery Istanbul in an outdoors projectionand finally, somebody seems to be doing a biennial on Second Life.