Sunday, September 30, 2007

Madrid in a flash

Not really a coherent post this time, was in Madrid for the opening of Sueño de casa propia, and had a chance to see the city briefly, and all the Bear bars in detail
the very cute but not so practical airport by Richard Rogers, and from there directly to Casa Encendida to install another model of the Cloud House

the video room with plants on top, almost a casa propria itselfbooks to read
cute cameraman under Yona Friedmans' corrugated cardboard "roof"
the Bouroullec brothers polysterine house the almost finished crazy Caixa foundation by Herzog & de Meuron
the curious Reina Sophia extension by Jean Nouvel

wich looks a bit like an ultra glam hoover, maybe not his best workand the fab Atochas train station.



I find the airport beautiful!
Kind of weird the Herzog-De Meuron building.

xixxix said...

I've been trying to find more info on that H&dM building in Madrid, but so far have been unable to. Do you know where I can look to know a little bit more about it..?