Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Some Model Kits (Modelos under construction)

A Jungle under wraps
 Framed by a window
framed by a space, within a space
doors that lead to doors through other doors
 within spaces of multiple doors
between real walls and fake walls
a machine builds a small mountain
that eventually becomes a nighttime scene
Models Para Armar opens at MUSAC on Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Casas Y Parcelos: Second Life Leon

As I leave my hotel in Leon early one morning, I receive this email:

Dear Andreas Onlyone,

This email is notification that we were unable to bill your Second Life account on June 18, 2010.  Please review your Second Life membership and billing information, and make sure everything is up-to-date.  Some of the more common mistakes are:

* Your credit card may have been declined for insufficient funds.
* Your credit card may be expired.
* You may have entered an incorrect expiration date for your credit card.
* Your billing address may not match the address on your credit card.
As I'm reading this I'm walking towards the edges of suburban Leon, 
where brand new houses await customers

Big signs advertise Casas Y Parcelos,
 then I remember that Land in Second Life is called Parcels, and that my land will soon expire if I do not update my credit info.

Maybe I will loose my home? The truth is I never wanted a suburban home like all the rest prefabricated nightmares around

As I walk around, roads seem to expire too, I know Spain has various economic troubles,
maybe the road that abruptly ends into green fields is the result of an expired credit situation

strangely I notice that the traffic arrows point not only towards nowhere, but also from nowhere.
Apparently , coming from nowhere you can make a right turn too

Signs advertise more land for sale, though I don't see any buyers. Pedestrian crosswalks for nobody to cross

houses floating in the middle of nothing, all part of a severe financial miscalculation

 maybe everybody thought that they would just get away with it.

and now they just pretend it was all meant to happen like this

sad tree reminds me of Manetas painting

I remember loosing my identity in Second Life, and walking around this unfinished suburbia in Leon, Spain, I feel equally lost, at night.

The sun comes up again behind the Parcelas signs

even though I just got up, technically it is still nighttime.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Recent Writings

Here's the brand new issue of PINUP featuring the always great Charles Renfro, Mr Herzog and very cool Martino Gamber amongst others.

I contributed a piece titled Greek Ruins, on the photos that Sarah Roesnik took of unfinished greek construction

Also just out, new issue of KAPUT online magazine, where I wrote a review of the SuperNature exhibition, curated by Andreas Melas and Rallou Panayiotou. 
The review, soon in English, extends from the space of the gallery, and wanders around the constantly shifting slightly scary urban landscape of downtown Athens.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Modelos para Armar: Scenes from a Construction

Modelos para Armar is the title of the summer exhibition at MUSAC, in Leon. The exhibition will present sections of MUSAC's Latinamerican collection, curated by Agustin Perez Rubio (Director), Maria-Ines Rodriguez (Chief Curator) and Octavio Zaya (Curator at Large). Angelidakis studio is in change of the space for the exhibition, which, if you follow our work, you might have noticed is an ongoing project of making architecture with exhibition walls. For Modelos, we came up with a series of spaces that relate to statial conditions in Latinamerican architecture and urbanity. Monumental modernity, jungles, favelas and mayan ruins sometimes wrap themselves around specific works, while other times act as connectors and separators between curatorial clusters.
This door will lead to a dark space of precious, deadly objects.

The ellipse will contain images of violence

A jungle of columns

MIR+ Blackberry next to a reading room
one of the tallest exhibition spaces in Europe, will contain the night.

TheTerrifying Boredom of contemporary Telecommunication

A flock of taxis waits outside Chamartin station in Madrid.
Like a sleepy robot, I make my way to the one I am pointed at.
I wonder why it doesnt move to the point where passengers get on and I have to walk to it instead, but soon I will know.

The driver mumbles something in spanish, I say no habla espagniol,
he mumbles some more. There is traffic, he curses, starts driving nervously, speeding and stopping every 10 meters. I'm thinking he's angry, road rage, what would you expect, sometimes I am like that too.

All the yoga in the world and you're still an angry white male.
I hear the familiar beep beep of a phone waiting to be answered, though its through the car speakers, surround sound. Are we calling someone? Is the beep part of a song?

It takes a while to understand whats goin on, nobody seems to be picking up, beep fucking beep. Finally a sleepy female voice comes on, and I get it. He's called somebody over the car-phone system, and as I said that I dont habla espagnol, he doesnt care that I can hear.

He's talking to his wife, something about Chamartin and Airport. I guess they are talking about me? No, he's just relaying where he is, what he is doing. She replies something about casa bla bla rafael bla bla.
Yes I am here, yes you are there, yes. Uh huh. Yes. They agree that they are both there, and have nothing to say, and they somehow keep saying it, maybe just to confirm they are still alive?
She seems as bored as he. Something about seven oclock?

Surround Sound Cellular telecommunication with a 7MB camera, 700 minutes per month only 120 euro and unlimited SMS and landline calls, nothing at all to communicate.

They continue having a boring bored conversation,
and as far as I can understand they are saying nothing at all. Still.

More "I am here, you are there, we are talking on the phone, nothing is going on except boring boredom"
then the kids come on, they also relay their boredoms, something about cubidou? scoobeedo? loukilouk?
more boredom, they keep talking for a while, he sounds tender and blissfull to be saying nothing to his son.
I listen while I photograph the equally boring landscape.

We are somewhere between city and airport, neither rural, neither pretty, neither industrial, neither agricultural.
We pass a tennis club, a factory, suburbia, airportia.
The call is over and now we are focused on the driver who cut in front of us,
suddenly the ugly, bored, unpolite, probably unwashed taxi driver is angry, really angry,
he honks, and then decides to catch up with the supposedly aggresive driver in the expensive SUV.
Suddenly the bored turns to angst, we are going 180km dangerously swerving between cars, screaming

Little faggot in the back seat doesnt say a word
when the angry ugly neantherdal screams Maricón! to the SUV and to all the other cars, to everybody.
Wait I'm not a liitle faggot, I'm a big faggot, but lets just get out of this alive, gay pride can wait.

I see the Richarg Rogers designed, rainbow colored Barajas Terminal 4 from far away
and I hope to make it there in one piece.
He swears some more to every car in the horizon, I almost feel the battered peageut fly off the fucking asphalt,

why the hell didnt I take the airtrain, I didnt even check to see if it exists since the per diem pays for the potentialy lethal taxiride, we are there, he screeches to a halt, does he really expect a tip?
as I open the trunk he grabs my suitcase, but instead of putting it to the ground he points to the handle,
mumbles something that I imagine to be "pick up your own stuff".
I do, and continue my sleepy robot schlepp though security control.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Scenes from a Kunsthalle

Somehow this post about the art weekend extravaganza in Athens, when the Art Athina art fair coincided with the opening of the Kunstahalle Athena and the IKT congress, never made to the blog. 
Here are some works and thoughts from everything that happened.

great Anna Boghiguian (Rodeo)

Harris Epaminonda (Rodeo)

a photo and a collage by Shin Takamatsu

"BROKE" Poka Yio (Gazon Rouge)

Miltos Manetas (Vamiali's)


great Dimitra Vamiali (Vamiali's)

Ryan McLaughlin (Gazon Rouge)

and Yorgos Stankopoulos at the booth of Kunsthalle Athena, which was a continuation of the piece he made at K.A., at the exhibition titled The Bar, curated by Marina Fokidis

upon arriving

great Yorgos Sapountzis
Alexander Georgiou

fanzines from the archive of Hercules Renieris

Gert and Uwe Tobias

Angelo Plessas' Towers and Powers

Mathieu Laurette Lets Make Lots of Money

Again Dimitra Vamiali, a set of lamps borrowed from collectors' houses (the collectors choose which lamps to bring)

in the courtyard AIDS 3D

and Joulia's bag supervising the corridor activity

The opening was a complete mob scene, with crowds and crowds of hipsters spilling out on the streets.
Kunsthalle Athena will be open every Thursday over the summer.