Sunday, September 28, 2008

Last week in Istanbul II

Startech Elektronik
rainbow window by Galata tower
great Dali drawing
lovely Sylvia Rodeo Kouvali posing in the rain

before passing by a haunted jungle ruin in Bebek

Last week in Istanbul

Am sleepless in Stockholm, and have to catch a flight at 6am, so what better moment than to blog about last week in Istanbul, where "If Tomorrow never comes" opened at Rodeo. Here are some of the worksview of the archive of Yilmaz Aysan
Loukia Alavanou great video
Christodoulos Panayotou slideshow of mafia fireworks
Angelo Plessas Youtube still from FantasyGates

my "house for a collector"
or "all the rooms of the house of Iolas arranged like a pile of garbage or gold"
Yilmaz Aysan again
Gulsun Karamustafa's icebergs in the Bosphorus
Mark Aerial Waller
Angelo again
(his piece was a youtube account, but since youtube is not allowed in turkey he showed a print of whats not allowed

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Random Venice Biennial

Here's some snaps from Venice Architecture Biennial,
though everything is already on every blog in every country
and everybody has already seen everything...

Always interesting NL Architects
Junya Ishigami rocked the Japanese pavilion with pencil drawings on the walls
and ikebana wonderland outside
elsewhere an interesting tree house
hot guy part of Philippe Rahm installation
cool Jon Utzon models in a parallel event
more Utzon
amazing R&Sie modelsnicely installed German pavilionfabulous wig model by Cloud9,
though the hair is really supposed to be waves
cut-up kids toys make intriguing furniture by Greg Lynn
cruising scene from the Swiss pavilion
with McDonald arches and ground made from white dantelle
after the party Belgium, silver walls and confetti
I think this was from Chile,
but i'm not sure how they meant it or what it is.
But I hope it is indeed a house inside a sea shell...
and another

a fat little weirdo from Russia

and finally the Koolhaas video that escaped from the last post..

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Venice video rush

Its been a crazy week, so no time to blog Venice Architecture Biennale properly and I'm already on the second city this week. But here's some clips anyway

Amazing Madelon Vriesendorp rarely seen animated feature

a nice video from the interesting but badly installed Swiss pavilion

Showstopping lecture by the super influential Jeremy Rifkin

coming soon: the amazing movie from Koolhaas' Bordeaux villa, as described by the cleaning lady of the house (I forgot to upload from Athens and now I'm in Istanbul which is not so youtube friendly...)

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Monday, September 08, 2008

Holiday Ruin

While in Naxos, we mostly hung out at a beach called Hawaii (no less)
which is right next to a never-completed hotel complex from the early 70's
The sun shines through assymetrical arches
and forests of double arches
and general concrete mayhem
happiness through to the sea
and for sure sexy at night
almost falling apart
rooms with perfect summer lighting
and cracks in the ceiling complete the perfection

Friday, September 05, 2008

In Burgaria this is a good salary

This past summer Google launched its Virtual Worlds portal Lively. It was supposed to be the big entrance to the 3D internet, though it was launched ever so discreetly. It looks like the Sims. Somehow they decided I should be a bored teenage girl, though I'm afraid its just too late for that. Then I was "feeling lucky" on the avatar tab, but I became a wigger
(as in Eminem, white nigger, not happening)

Finally I saw a place called "cave" and I thought, thats were I'm going. It ended up being as cliche as anything.
With Second Life having turned into the boondocks of the internet,
and Lively really not lively at all, is there hope for an online 3D experience?