Sunday, September 28, 2008

Last week in Istanbul

Am sleepless in Stockholm, and have to catch a flight at 6am, so what better moment than to blog about last week in Istanbul, where "If Tomorrow never comes" opened at Rodeo. Here are some of the worksview of the archive of Yilmaz Aysan
Loukia Alavanou great video
Christodoulos Panayotou slideshow of mafia fireworks
Angelo Plessas Youtube still from FantasyGates

my "house for a collector"
or "all the rooms of the house of Iolas arranged like a pile of garbage or gold"
Yilmaz Aysan again
Gulsun Karamustafa's icebergs in the Bosphorus
Mark Aerial Waller
Angelo again
(his piece was a youtube account, but since youtube is not allowed in turkey he showed a print of whats not allowed

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