Sunday, May 30, 2010

A House that pretends to be a little Mountain

Well technically this is a Mountain Cabin, so of course it has every right to pretend to be a little mountain, though I guess somehow it looks more like a little bird.

The Mountain Bird Cabin was designed by Arley Rinehart and Associates, and Google image search doesn't know too much about them, though the first image was there too.

Somehow I was not intrigued enough to search deep into google, I just saw a couple of images of rustic looking woodsy condominium and Dynasty Era La Mirage type of constructions so anyway...

The section of the house  bird cabin mirage, is of course fabulous, though I'm not feeling the Dynasty vibe at all, since where is the sweeping staircase upon which Falon will make her devastating descent, after returning from outer space? And what kind of room is number 9 exactly?

Friday, May 28, 2010

A Mountain Couch, a Couple Bed and a Thing

These relatively new great Gaetano Pesche furnishings have been sitting in the blog folder for quite some time.
I had not idea on what occasion to post them, and not having enough time for a complete post seems like a good time anyway.
I want the couch immediately.
I somehow admire the audacity of the bed,
and I'm just curious about the thing.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Athletic Model Guild: Home Collection

On one of my morning walks, I stumbled upon a lovely collection of athletic furnishings. Some, like chairs and the like are obviously familiar, while others are rather more eccentric, yet quite functional. Here's a few highlights
An ascending Couch for 8?

paired with a lovely bed for 8 or more?

a plinth for your collection of flowerpots?

a fascinating water desk

and the occasionally illuminated pink chair

next to a concrete reflecting pool

Here is an interesting artifact. It seems to have places for feet, 
and some grass carpet, so maybe this is 
the infamous and extremely rare Foot Garden?

a personal favourite, the Equilibrum Bar

a very useful, Arrow Hanger

the Pool Bar
occasionally decorated with an attractive sports person
Giant Armchair

and the always handy, observation room

Monday, May 17, 2010

A Sculptural Exchange at Kunsthalle Athena

Sculptural Exchange is a project for Kunsthalle Athena - The Bar
 It  is an agreement with a local furniture yard,
around the corner from K.A.

 They lent me furniture so I could make an assemblage at the space, and also to facilitate the various videos and other works that needed seats, and in exchange I sell the furniture, at the prices specified by Mrs Niki, owner of the yeard. She gets all the proceeds, while KA gets to use the furniture for a few days.

Chair, sold for 30 euros

Friday, May 07, 2010

The Mother of all buildings peeking out from the earth

If the Dune and th Bonderup houses are the two monster sisters buried into the ground, then the Archaeological Museum of Lyon-Fourviere by architect Bernard Zehrfuss is definetly the Mother of All Buildings Buried Under a Mount of Earth and Sporadically Peeking Out to See Whats Going On.

In fact Zehrfuss didnt want his building to be bulky and messy, so he disguised it into a little mountainside. So the mountain is a building pretending to be a many little buildings peeking out of a mountain?

kind of like a fat person wearing black to appear thinner? or to appear cut-up in little pieces?

In any case the museum is actually a series of tunnels,

ending up as tubes protruding from the landscape. Somehow it's all very LOST, but in France.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

The Tropical Sister is Two.

This is Twin Dunehouse at Atlantic Beach, by William Morgan Architects

I guess it's the Tropical Sister of the Bonderup house

maybe the slightly more popular tropical sister

because google seems to know more about it.

The Dune House by Architect William Morgan - Tansy Moon - More amazing video clips are a click away

Like the Bonderup vacation house, this house is again two big hollow eyes looking out from a sand dune. Whats confusing is that it's called Twin Dune houses, so I guess each eye is another person? or another house more like. Which just means that the tropical is sister is two one-eyed monsters.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Vacation of an Architect

This is the vacation house
of architect Claus Bonderup,
in Jutland
sometime in the late 70s
it was designed like two eyes jutting out of the mountain 

maybe the architect imagined himself as a monster
hidden inside the mountain, peeking out to the view?
or maybe the house is not a self portrait
and these are not eyes.
surpisingly, one of the "eyes" is a conversation room.
(via another Taschen book that knows more than Google).
Mr Bonderup is of course famous for designing the Semi lamp, though the house is nowhere to be found

I was able to find some fantastic photos of the conversation room in this  blog

Monday, May 03, 2010



Fantom is the fantastic Fotographic quarterly edited by Selva Barni and Cay Sophie Rabinowitz. I never thought I would love a photography magazine until Fantom came along
Issue 3 just out

With portfolios by Yumiko Utsu, Yao Lu, Petra Feriancova, Reza Aramesh and Taisuke Koyama, introduced by Selva Barni. Cay Sophie Rabinowitz in conversation with Elad Lassry. A dialogue between photographers Alec Soth and Lester B. Morrison. A short essay on Lisa Oppenheim’s Lunagrams by Christian Rattemeyer. The private collection of Adrian-Silvan Ionescu exposed by Francesco Zanot. Fabienne Stephan on Liz Cohen. RongRong on his Three Shadows Photography Center in Beijing. Emma Reeves on America’s Favorites. Vvork by Alex Gartenfeld. The paintings of Megan Francis Sullivan. The cover – as usual –  is a preview of Fantom’s forthcoming issue and features an image from the previously unpublished Flippers series (1977-78) by Olivo Barbieri. 
For info about Fantom distribution please click here
For subscriptions please click here
For further information:

In Search of Lost Time

All the blank billboards I've been noticing

brought back memories of a very early project
presented at MAGASIN Centre for Art and Architecture in 1994

the project was based on an observation about the city of Athens
it was called Second City, after the kind of city that the billboards created 
the core of the project was a notebook of text and photos

and if notebooks were the blogs of the 90's
then DIY  BW photo developing was the digital photo?
I wish, because the sketchbook was actually a manual for a series of structures that were built in the Magasin project room, in the exhibition curated by Adelina von Furstenberg, and uncharacteristically I have a very non-digitized archive of those.