Sunday, May 30, 2010

A House that pretends to be a little Mountain

Well technically this is a Mountain Cabin, so of course it has every right to pretend to be a little mountain, though I guess somehow it looks more like a little bird.

The Mountain Bird Cabin was designed by Arley Rinehart and Associates, and Google image search doesn't know too much about them, though the first image was there too.

Somehow I was not intrigued enough to search deep into google, I just saw a couple of images of rustic looking woodsy condominium and Dynasty Era La Mirage type of constructions so anyway...

The section of the house  bird cabin mirage, is of course fabulous, though I'm not feeling the Dynasty vibe at all, since where is the sweeping staircase upon which Falon will make her devastating descent, after returning from outer space? And what kind of room is number 9 exactly?

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