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Fantom is the fantastic Fotographic quarterly edited by Selva Barni and Cay Sophie Rabinowitz. I never thought I would love a photography magazine until Fantom came along
Issue 3 just out

With portfolios by Yumiko Utsu, Yao Lu, Petra Feriancova, Reza Aramesh and Taisuke Koyama, introduced by Selva Barni. Cay Sophie Rabinowitz in conversation with Elad Lassry. A dialogue between photographers Alec Soth and Lester B. Morrison. A short essay on Lisa Oppenheim’s Lunagrams by Christian Rattemeyer. The private collection of Adrian-Silvan Ionescu exposed by Francesco Zanot. Fabienne Stephan on Liz Cohen. RongRong on his Three Shadows Photography Center in Beijing. Emma Reeves on America’s Favorites. Vvork by Alex Gartenfeld. The paintings of Megan Francis Sullivan. The cover – as usual –  is a preview of Fantom’s forthcoming issue and features an image from the previously unpublished Flippers series (1977-78) by Olivo Barbieri. 
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