Monday, July 30, 2007

Summer Reading

Just back from a weekend in Antiparos, where apart from great beaches and great parties, they also had really cool vintage bookshop, and I rediscovered my obsession with ancient sci-fi comics, amongst other things.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Swiss Cables

Its construction time again, this time what seemed interesting was the cables sticking out of the walls, I have no idea why, or if I could ever find something more oblique to blog. Still they seem to have a life of their own


Saturday, July 21, 2007

Las Promesas

This is a project for a Center for Applied Computer Research and Programming by the great Emilio Ambasz, in Las Promesas, just outside Mexico City. I have no idea if this was ever built, as I found it in a vintage issue of Domus that I payed hard earned yen in the super snob specialist bookshops where Angelo dragged me to in Harajuku. (very long sentence). Anyway the issue is from May 1975, and it describes the building as the ultra fabulous original idea that it is. The offices are floating in a little Emilio-made lagoon and are reconfigurable work areas. When you decide how and where you want them, you unfloat them and they sit still in the water. Later you can fill their floatation tanks with air again, and your office space will be free to move around in the lagoon, and also it somehow makes ecological sense though I didnt really read the whole text.The two surrounding walls are a solar energy panel and a computer message display wall. A machine condenses water and makes little fluffy clouds and a rainbow. Little metallic windmills make pretty, and I think energy too. But what totally sold me was the maquette out of tin foil and cotton clouds and thats why I had to pay so much for such an old magazine and I'm so happy to spread the love.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Recent press

Its been ages since I updated the press section, and this was blog was originally supposed to be the "news" page on my site, and then of course it turned into something entirely different, or maybe not, it really depends what you consider news. Anyway, here's some press that I havent posted.

FRAME, which is the interior version of MARKThe School Project in Yli & Ktirio

Salon Magazine from Ukraine, interview by Katerina Oshemkova

interview in Arte & Mercato, MilanoCollateral again, in Les Temps, Geneva
Rodeo Magazine, interview by Luca Martinazzoli, who also runs the Gelati Motel blog
Experimenta (Madrid)

and some from the Loop festival, Barcelona
Diseñart (Portugal, I think)

Greek Culture Yearbook 06-07

Monday, July 16, 2007

The last night on Aglaia

I had heard from my landlord Rudolph Ormsby, that he was selling Aglaia Island for personal reasons, and he said that we would have to renegotiate with the new owners etc. The last time that I was there, the suburban streets were gone and somebody had terraformed the whole place into a beach-dune-suburbia.
Most of my neighbors where gone, and Lisa nextdoor had left her teddybear sculpture,
and the whole place looked very abandoned
Then when I opened Second Life the next time, it took me to a generic ugly teleport island. When I insisted and tried to get to Aglaia via the map, I got the message from Rudolph that "Aglaia does not exist anymore".

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Surrealism on the beach

Just back from Patras where we're running the Athens Update Workshop with students from the architecture school (more on this later). This time I didn't stay in my usual hotel but the sort of infamous Rio Beach, a decadent 70's designed hotel (though describing this hotel as a product of design is rather ambitious). Anyway it's there and somehow it all makes crazy sense
the crazy upside-down snow or maybe stalagmite ceiling

the rattan ceiling plus Marcel Duchamp looking lamp
the road-sign, the traffic cone and the sunset
the bridge and the lamp

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

They got great plants in Tokyo

No idea what to blog and the next days are going to be so hectic, so I'm just searching in my "maybe bloggable" folder to see whats there, and it's full of stuff from Tokyo, and they're mostly plants. They got great plants in Tokyo...imperial palace holy wall something
we are family in a back street (boys) temple in Harajuku
ivy facade somewhere in Omote$anto
somewhere somewhere
a ripped concrete facade? how could we resist?