Friday, July 20, 2007

Recent press

Its been ages since I updated the press section, and this was blog was originally supposed to be the "news" page on my site, and then of course it turned into something entirely different, or maybe not, it really depends what you consider news. Anyway, here's some press that I havent posted.

FRAME, which is the interior version of MARKThe School Project in Yli & Ktirio

Salon Magazine from Ukraine, interview by Katerina Oshemkova

interview in Arte & Mercato, MilanoCollateral again, in Les Temps, Geneva
Rodeo Magazine, interview by Luca Martinazzoli, who also runs the Gelati Motel blog
Experimenta (Madrid)

and some from the Loop festival, Barcelona
Diseñart (Portugal, I think)

Greek Culture Yearbook 06-07


Anonymous said...

exo varethei na vlepo to spitaki sinnefo.Par'oti eimai fun tis douleias sas k eiste apta kalytera greek talends.I NEED TO SEE MOOOOOOOORE!!!!!

me sevasmo k ektimisi....RV.

Andreas Angelidakis said...

RV exete dikio... alla mexri na to xtisw tha to dhmosieyw ;) prs to paron to evala ligo pio katw