Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Architecture of Longing

(wherever this is I want to go)

A couple of weeks ago I stayed at Marina Fokidis' Thessaloniki home, and had the chance to browse super cool old family books on architecture decoration hotels vitrines and all such frivolity. Being as it is that I cannot think of anything else but a beach recliner looking at the horizon and listening to The Clean's "In the Dreamlife you need a Rubber Soul", here's some hospitality I would definetly like to receive... (this whole paragraph doesn't make sense, but what the hellthis is somewhere in Augusta Italy (?)
and I cant get over the genius of the medieval-60's balcony dividers,
which are the real reason I'm posting all these hotel images
and the best ever trampolino per piscina, a kind of cheverismo dom-ino,
though to call it this we have to get final approval
from Mr Pablo and the Cheverismo committee

bellevue always sounds good
especially if behind it is this

never say no to a splash of color in a motel in Lainateand the double triangle of ristorante Thunderbird

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Angelo Plessas' Monument to Internet HookUps

This is Angelo Plessas' Monument to Internet HookUps
the monument is the physical component of a work
that joins performance, sculpture and the internet,
mixing public event and private history.
the work was conceived as part of Cay Sophie Rabinowitz' "Splendid Isolation: Athens" exhibition for the 2nd Athens Biennial HEAVEN. The opening of HEAVEN was scheduled at the same day as the Athens Pride Festival, and Plessas' work chose to join the two events

first acting as a float on the Pride parade in downtown Athens
(Joe, Pablo)

where lots of old friends came together
(Angelo, Cay, Mark, Tobias, Rebecca)

mixing real and fictional characters
(Vilma, Roland)

at the end of the parade everybody boarded the float
(Stuart, Christian, Roy, Willem, Leo, Sotiris, Andrea, Adrian, Jane,Pablo, Oliver, Carla, Eleanna)

for a crazy truck ride down Syggrou Ave.
and the installation at a secluded location on the grounds of the biennial,
a pyramid amongst dead palm trees
a dry field by the sea
yesterday we visited the monumentto add some personal history

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Appennino, he's a building

A couple of weeks ago we visited the Parco Demidoff in Pratolino,
a vexation garden just outside of Florence.
with a large brooding sculpture of the mountain god Appennino
looking kind of sexy

until you realisehe is actually a building
with party rooms and secret staircases leading to private quarters
and haunting interiors

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sound Mirror Orchestra

I need to stop blogging about work real soon,
though this is a project that opened last week
in Alden Biessen castle in Belgium,
curated by Christophe de Jaeger.

Based on Sound Mirrors, the WWII ancient bunker-like radars,
we proposed a set of musical buildings for the park surrounding the castle.

These structures, arranged in the park like instruments in an orchestra,
would catch the sounds of the trees an maybe people having fun around them,and who knows what it would sound like.

They could also be your home.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Menir House at Expanded Ecologies exhibition, EMST

During this past busy June, the Expanded Ecologies exhibition opened at EMST
curated by Daphne Vitali.
I'm showing a big poster of Menir House

and two 3D prints on sand dunes
(its a beach house)
soon we'll go back a re-photograph everything