Saturday, July 18, 2009

Angelo Plessas' Monument to Internet HookUps

This is Angelo Plessas' Monument to Internet HookUps
the monument is the physical component of a work
that joins performance, sculpture and the internet,
mixing public event and private history.
the work was conceived as part of Cay Sophie Rabinowitz' "Splendid Isolation: Athens" exhibition for the 2nd Athens Biennial HEAVEN. The opening of HEAVEN was scheduled at the same day as the Athens Pride Festival, and Plessas' work chose to join the two events

first acting as a float on the Pride parade in downtown Athens
(Joe, Pablo)

where lots of old friends came together
(Angelo, Cay, Mark, Tobias, Rebecca)

mixing real and fictional characters
(Vilma, Roland)

at the end of the parade everybody boarded the float
(Stuart, Christian, Roy, Willem, Leo, Sotiris, Andrea, Adrian, Jane,Pablo, Oliver, Carla, Eleanna)

for a crazy truck ride down Syggrou Ave.
and the installation at a secluded location on the grounds of the biennial,
a pyramid amongst dead palm trees
a dry field by the sea
yesterday we visited the monumentto add some personal history

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