Sunday, May 23, 2010

Athletic Model Guild: Home Collection

On one of my morning walks, I stumbled upon a lovely collection of athletic furnishings. Some, like chairs and the like are obviously familiar, while others are rather more eccentric, yet quite functional. Here's a few highlights
An ascending Couch for 8?

paired with a lovely bed for 8 or more?

a plinth for your collection of flowerpots?

a fascinating water desk

and the occasionally illuminated pink chair

next to a concrete reflecting pool

Here is an interesting artifact. It seems to have places for feet, 
and some grass carpet, so maybe this is 
the infamous and extremely rare Foot Garden?

a personal favourite, the Equilibrum Bar

a very useful, Arrow Hanger

the Pool Bar
occasionally decorated with an attractive sports person
Giant Armchair

and the always handy, observation room

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