Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Casas Y Parcelos: Second Life Leon

As I leave my hotel in Leon early one morning, I receive this email:

Dear Andreas Onlyone,

This email is notification that we were unable to bill your Second Life account on June 18, 2010.  Please review your Second Life membership and billing information, and make sure everything is up-to-date.  Some of the more common mistakes are:

* Your credit card may have been declined for insufficient funds.
* Your credit card may be expired.
* You may have entered an incorrect expiration date for your credit card.
* Your billing address may not match the address on your credit card.
As I'm reading this I'm walking towards the edges of suburban Leon, 
where brand new houses await customers

Big signs advertise Casas Y Parcelos,
 then I remember that Land in Second Life is called Parcels, and that my land will soon expire if I do not update my credit info.

Maybe I will loose my home? The truth is I never wanted a suburban home like all the rest prefabricated nightmares around

As I walk around, roads seem to expire too, I know Spain has various economic troubles,
maybe the road that abruptly ends into green fields is the result of an expired credit situation

strangely I notice that the traffic arrows point not only towards nowhere, but also from nowhere.
Apparently , coming from nowhere you can make a right turn too

Signs advertise more land for sale, though I don't see any buyers. Pedestrian crosswalks for nobody to cross

houses floating in the middle of nothing, all part of a severe financial miscalculation

 maybe everybody thought that they would just get away with it.

and now they just pretend it was all meant to happen like this

sad tree reminds me of Manetas painting

I remember loosing my identity in Second Life, and walking around this unfinished suburbia in Leon, Spain, I feel equally lost, at night.

The sun comes up again behind the Parcelas signs

even though I just got up, technically it is still nighttime.

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