Sunday, January 27, 2013

I was a White Slave in Brooklyn (Long Island version)

recently we visited PS1MOMA and like many museums they dont let you take pictures

whats the point of going to a show if you cant blog about it?
at PS1 they at least let you take pictures of the wall texts and labels
and the white walls too
so here is my PS1 visit in wall labels

and I only put the labels of the works that attracted my attantion

 or I was intrigued enough to go look at the label
 and actually read what the thing was

 sometimes I just liked the nanopuff
 or I liked pieces as room decoration

 or as over the top extravagant follies
 videos I had seen before but still like
 more titles

Drag Queen Shoulders in Dawn

 and works that were not works but attempts to remember. 
But how can you remember if there are no pics?

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