Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Random London

was in London this weekend, it was grey and sunny and funny and boring
all at the same time, as usual.

We went to see the "Seduced" show at the great Barbican center, which,
apart from the Mapplethorpe pics, was not so great

the columns outside were somehow sexier

nice oversized lounge somewhere in the huge barbican

then over at Frieze art fair they had a sculpture part with a great Marc Bijl piece
courtesy of lovely Breeder
and some nice Jose Pedro Croft (looks like do-it-yourself Dan Graham but cooler)

fabulous Tobias Rehberger furniture
(I hate the word fabulous but how else to describe?)

great John Armleder wallpaper
funny Jennifer Bronstein at the totally anarchic Gavin Brown Enterprise where you could buy original artworks for 10 pounds and eat Gavin Brownies (the other galleries were a little freaked out)

great great great piece but I dont remember the name of the artist
Angelo looking Red and Bluenice staircase at the ICAbye bye funny "airplane in the sky" lounge-pillow


Anonymous said...

that guy looks familiar...

greetings from
lovely marc bijl

Andreas Angelidakis said...

you were right, it was the best piece in the park ;)


I have a same photo of a London building, is it in Croydon?
Marc Bijl is great.
take care