Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Athens9 = Athens Update

Athens9 is a new network of architects working on projects that could suggest a better future for the larger Athens area. These projects range from site specific proposals to large scale research. Check out the site and the blog that just we just lauched a couple of minutes ago. The first "project" of Athens9 is called Athens Update, and itself it is a network of project statements all based on the athens area. My initial statement is focused on the architecture of schools, one I've always been fascinated by. Greek schools are for the most part based on a pre-fabricated concrete system that I first wrote about 10 years ago in a piece called Alt:Pre-Fab published in Purple (then called Purple Prose). For that piece I went back and photographed my old highschool, during summer time when kids where just hanging around.

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zenovia said...

athens9 is a great way to start my day!
i read your greek statement in the athens9 blog!
i find the school topic very exciting one.

waiting for more from athens9!