Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Changing of the Avant Garde

Visionary architectural drawings from the Howard Gilman collection. Yes it's saturday so it must be Book Day. I've had this book for quite a while, seems like a super nice collection. Have a look:

Cedric Price: from the Generator: White Oak, Florida series, 1978-80 Massimo Scolari's total Pink Floyd metaphysical fantasy Addio Melampo,1975
Ettore Sottsass' The Planet as Festival: Gigantic Work, Panoramic Road with View on the Irrawaddy Rivel and the Jungle 1972-73
and The Planet as Festival: Study for Design of a Stadium to Watch the Stars 1972-73
Superstudio's super Continuous Monument: New York Extrusion, 1969
Paul Rudolph's Elements of the Vertical City, Rome 1965-67

and naturally Ron Herron's Walking City series.

It's funny how the works from this period have gone from seeming very important to looking a bit pretentious or even simplistic and then now they seem hyper-complex, political and very fresh indeed.

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