Sunday, October 15, 2006

Journey towards the End of Architecture

Seems I can't stop looking at Superstudio these days, and propably because their work is just so bloggable. Here's some excerpts from their "Life without Objects" book. These images come from the "Superexistence" project, which was their participation in the 1972 MOMA exhibition "The New Domestic Landscape, Achivements and Problems in Italian Design" curated by Emilio Ambasz. SUPEREXISTENCE was supposed to be 5 films (Life, Education, Ceremony, Love and Death) 2 of which were realised and shown, while the others exist as storyboards. In these films architecture is replaced by a SUPERSURFACE, a mirrored grid that extends all over the planet and upon which everything takes place. The iconic stills show a super relevant techno hippie but also cute existence, a party and life and death and kids type of thing. I guess they were just predicting the future, and this SUPERSURFACE where everything takes places is just the INTERNET.

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