Friday, October 13, 2006

Terraforming is the new Building

This is a little house I made in Second Life, to test drive a piece of land I was thinking of renting. The area was full of normal looking houses and I was a bit lazy so I just terraformed the land a bit, like there was something underneath the grass pushing it up. The I added some patterned balls on the various plateaus, and a little lake-jacuzzi by the beach. Was nice to spend a few days there. Later I forgot that I had built this and that I was supposed to say wheather I was renting or not so it all got deleted, which is definetly not the first time that I loose a building on one of these worlds. Anyway the land was on a island in the middle of a void, which meant when you tried to go swimming or walking on water, you bumbed against an invisible wall, because the area towards the horizon had not been assigned disk space. So you could look at it but it didnt exist. What was the pooint of paying for beachfront property if you cant enjoy the water?

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