Thursday, November 02, 2006

Anonymous is Famous

The most famous blogger is of course Anonymous. S/HE manages to be everywhere all the time in every language all over the place disco non stop. And finally an exhibition dedicated to this most contemporary of concepts: "ANONYMOUS In the Future No One Will Be Famous" runs at the Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt until 14 January 2007 with works by 11 international artists who – like the curator – will remain unnamed. In their Notes toward a Manifesto, the initiators of the exhibition proclaim: “Anonymous artists wish to wriggle the status quo into a status incognitus. Their aim is to remove the increasing barbarization of thought via short circuits and fast lanes created by the marketing of artists as brands whose works have become masterpieces in ignorance of philosophy.” How absolutely cool.


Anonymous said...

Yes very cool, but, as with many concepts, it was invented first by a Greek:

Its a shame they forgot to mention that.


Andreas Angelidakis said...

nice link and nice piece, but it hardly qualifies as inventing the concept of anonymous. I think that rather than inventing most concepts, a lot of Greeks feel a kind of self-importance and absur righteousness which I think relates to greeks having had a culture a millions years ago.

Anonymous said...

Andreas this is so true.