Monday, November 06, 2006

A Neen Evening

So last saturday in Amsterdam we had a Neen evening, which Rafael put together, as part of White Nights, a night in the year where all museums + art centers stay open late.
Rafael and Chihiro walking amongst the towels at Club11
The Neen Evening took place at Club11, on the 11th floor of the soon-to-be-gone Post CS building in a mini urban wasteland next to the Central Station. Angelo showed recent works, Nikola recited some of his new poems inside his MeetInANiceRestaurant, Rafael made really great Neen towels that people took home on their way out and Aux Raus gave a really sexy performance. Later on AuxRaus took us to a Pub that played only music related to weather (Purple Rain etc) and later-er over to Studio 80 which a gay night and where we bumped into the Boys of Butt. All in all a very neen evening.

Angelo Plessas'

I showed the ScreenTree animation and some others Andy Simionato from with Isabelle Arvers
Karen ann Donnachie from this is a magzine inside my wineglass
Gert Jonkers and Rob Meerman at Studio80

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