Thursday, November 16, 2006

Drop City

Drop City was a post hippy rural community, with a slight brokeback mountain feel in Trinidad Southern Colorado. They built their homes using the Buckie Fuller Geodome and Zdomes but with recycled materials: Car parts, scrap wood, trees, plastic and stuff. They were architects, writers, poets, painters and scientists who just had enough and wanted to drop out of contemporary society. Yes taxi driver, you can definetly drop me off here.
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Daphne said...

These BF domes are quite cool environmentally speaking - energy efficient structures, but i'm trying to figure out if they are suitable for relatively warm places like Trinidad, CO. I mean, since summer temperatures (July & August)there can reach high's even up to 35 deg. Celcius and the dome acts like a huge down pointing headlight reflector which prevents radiant heat loss, wouldnt that concentrate a lot of interior heat?

Andreas Angelidakis said...

I've no idea how domes act heat wise. If they have air circulating through them, i.e. there's holes close to the floor and holes on the top part it should be ok. I think the domes were more related to the hippie trippie bio evolotionary thing of the period rather than being an actual solution to a real problem.

Daphne said...

Peace out dude!

jo said...

Nope, A.A. was wrong.
The domes were cool int the summer
because we had a variety of vents up at the top.