Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Random Objects in Amsterdam

I always take too many pictures, and this time I was even bored with my heavy camera so the photos did not go into Gigabytes as usual. Still there was tons to see in Amsterdam, and here is some more stuff.
A curious fur covered tea pot in the fabulous Frozen Fountain store. And speaking of stores, another one not to miss is SPRMRKT on Rozengracht.
and again a better view of the tilted cube building which I like so much but have no idea what it is
A human explosion painting and a salt related polygon object-thing in Rijksmuseum
an ambiguous and amazingly colored red tree in Vondel Park
and the sunset from OA flight bla bla bla, a picture I always take and it never looks the same again.


Anonymous said...

Hi Andreas

that cube-like building is actually a climbing wall on the inside; i.e. where you can get training to become a mountain goat. That also explains its funny angles!

nice to see you had a good time, hope to see you again, soon!

Andreas Angelidakis said...

thanks Rob, I thought it might have been something sports related. was just lovely to see u xxx

Joachim Baan said...

Give me a call next time your in amsterdam!

best regards

Andreas Angelidakis said...

Will do