Friday, May 07, 2010

The Mother of all buildings peeking out from the earth

If the Dune and th Bonderup houses are the two monster sisters buried into the ground, then the Archaeological Museum of Lyon-Fourviere by architect Bernard Zehrfuss is definetly the Mother of All Buildings Buried Under a Mount of Earth and Sporadically Peeking Out to See Whats Going On.

In fact Zehrfuss didnt want his building to be bulky and messy, so he disguised it into a little mountainside. So the mountain is a building pretending to be a many little buildings peeking out of a mountain?

kind of like a fat person wearing black to appear thinner? or to appear cut-up in little pieces?

In any case the museum is actually a series of tunnels,

ending up as tubes protruding from the landscape. Somehow it's all very LOST, but in France.


e-kostika said...

fantastic! you are a treasure hunter xx

Andreas Angelidakis said...

I'm just a library rat :)

sylvia said...

a mother earthy cave of all caves : )
i like