Thursday, February 18, 2010

Celebrity Modernism

Recently I borrowed a book on architect Craig Ellwood, because I was in a California kind of mood (which is every other day actually). Elwood was a modernist, at the very tail end of the movement but well before any post-business happened.

Funny enough, the book starts off with how overlooked and underrated Ellwood is etc.

Ellwood might have not been the most original,

but there is definitely something to his woodsy minimalism.

great collage for the Bridge House.

or maybe this is the Bridge house and the other one is called something else...  I've since returned the book to the library, and too lazy to google.

Anyway, as I'm browsing through I happen upon the ultra fabulous Palevsky House in Palm Springs, which I know was Ellwoods' since I've blogged it before, but somehow it really popped amidst all the other Bear Bungalows in the book. 

The Pavlevsky house is fabulous because it has no windows. 

Everything that goes on inside is behind tall white walls, and the plan does not allow even for a glimpse when the gates open. And because you cant see, it makes you (me) want to know what goes on even more. 

Lindsay Lohan detoxing?Celebrity Modernism? 

Perhaps a Tina-fuelled week-long party? Chi Chi LaRue shooting another bad gay porn? In fact the house would be the perfect setting for something like that.

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