Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Fast Mark Gaetano Pesce Gold Organic Kaleidoscope

Just got the new issue of Mark Magazine, which features Ron Arad's Holon Design Museum  on the cover. The museum just opened with "The State of Things: Design and the 21st Century" curated by Barbara J. Bloemink, Julie Lasky, Aric Chen and Garth Walker. The inaugurating exhibition features the Wrapped Armchair (Gold).

In the Mark issue, there is a spread on the exceedingly genius Gaetano Pesce, whom I've blogged numerous times. Just last week I sent off a text contribution to Kaleidoscope Magazine, on Mr Pesce, out this month. I had wanted to somehow mention his 1970's super eccentric organic architecture, but could only manage a reference in the piece. And by chance, here it is in Mark, in the form of a brand new project, a house configured as portraits of the clients (! looks like the kind of building Angelo would take a portrait of).

There is an obvious continuity between the new project and Pesce's Tree House from 1970

and even more interesting, the very famous Organic Building, realized in Osaka in 1970 or so..talk about bunker flowerpots .. found here somewhere in flickr

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