Saturday, February 28, 2009

Some more Palm Springs

While in PS, Jim took us on a architectural tour of whats great. Here a glimpse of the Kaufmann Housev by Richard Neutra, one of the architectural treasures which recently was renovated (for a rumored 15 mil...
this white walled-in stunner Craig Ellwood
the Albert Frey city hall
and some neighboring Wexler
Though I must admit I was equally, if not more drawn to the weirdness of lesser gems
like this Bank of America styled after Le Corbusier's famous church
which we could not help nicknaming Wrongchamp
or these bizarre rocks that were apparently too natural looking , so they got painted taupe, to fit better in the landscape (it was a wash, not opaque paint so some of the naturalness shows through...)or this cute white-rock facade
and this style that we didn't know how to describe (pizza-hut classic?)

as we hit the freeway, we knew things would get weirder, when we saw ourselves reflected in a truck
we passed cowboy skyscrapers
and stucco pueblo geodomes

snakes to light your wayand dinosaurs with security exits
and welcoming tails

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Stratos Bacalis said...

Great photos! Neutra is one of my favourites!

That dinosaur has been featured in many films!