Friday, August 24, 2007

World of Darkness

Been browsing my archive a lot recently, and under 2003/Projects I found these photos from the Bronx Zoo. We'd gone there a day after the big Northeast Blackout, around this time of year in 03, which was really scary especially up in Harlem. There were helicopters flying around with flood lights, police cars, people going wild in the total darkness. In the zoo they keep all the night animals in a black building called, of course, World of Darkness. The bats were all sleepy and quiet, probably they were all jet lagged from having to pretend it's night time during the day just to please us jaded humans. But everything was super pretty in the various colored infrared lighting and desert-Gothic mini landscapes.


Anonymous said...

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Les Yeux Sans Visage said...

oh what fantastical places. how i wish I'd get lost in these woods..

Andreas Angelidakis said...

but you would have to be a bat :) whats up, its been ages, how r u?

Les Yeux Sans Visage said...

but it's always ages.
bat, xe-bat, it's so cozy!
stinky summer.