Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hysterical Ruins

The Palace of Knossos is the main tourist attraction in central Krete. It was the fabulous palace of king Minos or whatever that got destroyed Phuket-style by a huge Greek tsunami. Anyway the palace looks like it looked great, though we will never really know because of the ultra flamboyant reconstruction by Arthur Evans. Mr Evans decided to really show everybody what Knossos looked like, but in truth he showed what he thought it looked like, and then proceed to reconstruct the whole thing. Actually, even more bizarre, he did not reconstruct the palace it self, but a ruin of the palace. So instead of seeing the ruins of the palace now we see the fake ruins of a presumed palace. These fake ruins of the presumed palace are further faked by having been built in fake materials: Wood looks like wood but it is actually concrete. Actaully it looks like concrete that was cast in wood, but when you touch it you realize that the wood effect is painted onto something that is way too smooth to be concrete... maybe it's porcelain made to look like concrete that pretends to be wood?a cowboy garbage can?
ancient Pacman?This is not a ruin, or a reconstruction of a ruin, or a fake ruin of a presumed house. It is just a house for a ruin.



Didn't know about this at all.I've been to Knosos as a kid but noone told as so.
The 'ancient pac-man' and the 'house for a ruin' are pretty cool!
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Anonymous said...

always such a fresh look at things!!! thanks