Saturday, August 18, 2007

Notes on Kriti

Seems I'm calling all my travel posts "notes from where I was" but it's just too much work to find sub-themes or concepts and try to group things together etc. Maybe just a big old post will cover everything, so here's my week in Krete, in total randomness:

This house was cut by a road, but it insisted on staying the house where we stayedthe view
sun setting over Messaraa weird abandoned basement, on the beach
the mostly organised landscape
strangest balcony on a thin building
one of the rooms
almost from the right angle this could be elegant
a rock and a churchan illegaly extended church?
a pretend cafe
a pile of sand and pebblesbeach for a day
a hexagonal club called hexagon
snails on a tree
a tree in our "garden", (and an eagle if you look closely)
a funny garden in the village close by
for some reason I had to drive back and take a picture of this
a miniature replica of a house in the museum. Apparently in the house there is a female deity, and peepig from the roof is a dog and two guys, and it looks to me like the guys are kissing, definetly very juicy. By the way the Archaeological museum of Heraclion is one of the the most amazing museums ever, full of totally amazing stuff. Right now it is undergoing renovations so we saw only a small fabulous selection.
another miniature house, this time on a beachsmall rocks can look biga modern monastery with just one byzantine column
the abandoned Xenia Motel on the north coastgreat palm trees in the parking lot
funny tourist miniatures saying goodbye

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