Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Shalom Formalism

So thanks to Felix from Pin-up we have the synagogue that I was talking about just before,and as noted it is not by P.J. but by William N. Berger. There is a kind of striking similarity between the Roofless church and the Belly Synagogue (melting synagogue? fat synagogue?) so maybe the ghost of P.J. had something to do with this? or maybe the other way around? Or maybe there where no ghosts but it was all a happy coincidence? In any case , the scaffolding at the bottom kind of ruins the effect of the building, but I guess those tiles are falling onto poor shopper passerby.Google doesn't seem to know too much about Berger and I'm just wondering if he did any more wacky buildings like the synagogue on 47-9 White St. (In fact I'm not wondering, I'm just closet-crowdsourcing again)

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