Wednesday, April 07, 2010

St Saviour and the Gates of Hell

one of the days in Sifnos, we decided to check out some of the hiking paths
the one that lead to St Saviour sounded the most exotic

the church was cute, in an abandoned way
a tree mysteriously bent towards the ground
weird keys and instruments lay at his feet,
as the earth cracked
then we skipped to the actual crack, 
a old mining area right next to the water
it looked more like a cave

got darker as you went further in
and somehow upsidown, maybe too scary to venture too deep
but you know how sometimes in movies 
you see a little monster and you think its cute, 
and then the mountain next to it starts moving 
and you realize its the mother?

just a few meters away, was the mother of all excavations, several stories deep
a huge drop, and you would find yourself dead at the gates of hell

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