Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I went looking for a Black Barn and I found the 20th century

So, I was looking around for images of Stanley Tigerman's Black Barn

which is curious, black, and has triangular windows, I saw it in a Taschen book.

Its funny that Taschen knows about this and Google doesn't.

Anyway , I ended up at another interesting Tigerman project over at RNDRD,
and a Hollein-esque collage, or Rendering the 20th Century is also something
that google doesn't know too much about
nice Christo
very nice Conrad Wachsmann

cute Gio Ponti

and entirely curious Ponina Ciliberti


mhc said...

tigerman's barn i were i image images made in edison's black maria end up. those two buildings could be cousins.

Lauren said...


I run - we are a photostream of high-quality scans from out of print magazines and arch journals. The site is run by myself and a friend, both graduate students. We have more information up on our about page now. Thanks for linking us, glad you enjoyed

- Lauren Hamer