Friday, April 30, 2010


Recently, I can't help noticing

all the blank billboards on my morning walk

maybe they ran out of things to advertise?

maybe we just consumed too many ads and we dont see them anymore?

maybe the whole country is bust

and not even the creepy cheap advertisement companies want to sell us anything

because they know we are junk customers
naturally, the only ad that is never missing is for the ubiquitous online crap-sino

the next day I find myself in front of this sign, 
and what do you know, 
it looks just like a fucking tombstone:
Here Lies the Greek Economy.


@SFranciscoTweet said...

Very interesting. Nice to see a lack of advertising - although it is a shame that perhaps it reflects the financial state of things.

because of said...

Anonymous said...

it is not a point of you, although you have many

Andreas Angelidakis said...


Elen King said...

sad but true. blank billboards make me wanna paint on them. since i can't i stick pictures to the low ones.

Anonymous said...

if Felix Gonzalez Torres were Greek (and alive)...