Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Post Holiday Vacation Work

Supposedly I returned from "vacation" last week, and supposely now I'm "working". It just takes so much time just existing, and updating blogs and myspace profiles and other profiles that I shouldnt be updating and checking up my favourite blogs. Then there is work and deadlines and just tons of administrivia. No time left to even get started on Half Life Episode 1 which has been sitting on my hard drive for a month now, and I havent even clicked it. Still, I was browsing the news section of the MARK magazine website and happened upon a link of a recostruction of FLW's Falingwater using the Half Life engine, which had been re-posted in City of Sound, a really cool architecture blog. The from there I went to Cities in Games in the Digitally Distributed Environments blog and a mention of City 17 (HL2). So much great information and no time to see it, I keep wondering where is my other half life.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps there is digital life and real life and we need to make robots to do all the boring stuff for us, while we go off and play.

Andreas Angelidakis said...

Yes play! Robots! the beach! ggrrrr nice pic jocko