Monday, August 21, 2006

Anafi Rocks

Anafi has the second largest rock of the mediterranean, after Gibraltar. On it are two Christian Orthodox monasteries, one accesible by road and the other by hours of walking on the super scary rock. Needless to say we skipped the scary one and had a look at the first, which rests where the rock meets the mountain. The view from the eastern edge of the island is awesome, and my friend Nikko told me that it's possible to access these beaches and even spend the night. He also did the scary route years ago, before Anafi was popular with tourists such as myself. Anyway, the Monastery is built on top of an ancient greek temple of sorts, as a lot of the Byzantine era churches were. In fact the christians were responsible for the major destruction of the ancinet greek heritage.

The Byzantine and the Greek together make for a real interesting archaological landscape, further mixed up by island shacks for animals and people: Total 18th century beauty, I felt part of the Grand Tour indeed.


Anonymous said...

yeah that place is magical :)

Anonymous said...

stin ikaria ehi ena megalo braho me shima elefada
alla telio elefada
k eki emene k enas papus
an de to his deis na sto stilo ine poli oreo

Andreas Angelidakis said...

I want to see ;)