Sunday, May 14, 2006

Round and Round

Two more round buildings from Yerevan. The first is a building we used to pass by every day, looks like it could have been a community cafeteria or maybe a police headquarters or even a nightclub? You have to cross a little bridge to get to it so it could be all of the above.
The other is the Contemporary Art Museum (I think) though it looks like a concrete silo or maybe an abandoned 60's fantasy. Inside the spaces are total videogame drama, monumental, surreal, ominous in a lo-tech way.
Would be nice if these two buildings were one, if the second one was inside the first: The Bridge, the Glass Lobby, the Staircase to the Basement, the Green Neon and the Natural Light coming form Above, could be a perfect sequence out of Half Life 2 or maybe even Second Life too.

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