Saturday, May 06, 2006

Mi Dacha es su Dacha (Armenia Days)

After the opening of Playgrounds and Toys we went up on Lake Sevan, just to see what it this huge lake looks like. The mountans are bare, not a tree in sight, and apparently this happened in the early 90's when the Soviet Union collapse and Armenia was left without any type of energy in winters where the temperature went way below freezing. Anyway, Lake Sevan looks amazing, like an abandoned resort landscape, very rough. On a small peninsula where the Sevanavank monastery is, we saw an amazing little soviet-modernist house, must have been a dascha from, well, the soviet times. I was fully expecting to see an interior full of similar furniture, wacky 60's soviet shtick, but of course I got the new international style: The Plastic Chairs. The house was amazing though, and it was no longer a house but a kind of haphazard restaurant where you could order some toasted wonderbread and if it was a good day they could also have butter and jam to go with it, oh and maybe coffee.


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Andreas Angelidakis said...

yes it was very very pretty , but also super poor and depressing but of course in a beautiful way (for a tourist)