Sunday, May 07, 2006

Lake Sevan Continued

Yes I realize that I cannot turn this blog into Armeniapedia but I just have a surplus of images and those were pre-blog days, so I never really wrote any stuff about Armenia and its a fascinating place. If you're bored by these Armenian posts, umm, well, nothing can be done. So Lake Sevan (or CEBAH as the Russian sign says) has also diminished in size, along with the mountains that are left without trees. Because of this shrinking, you end up with abandoned resorts far away from the beach, and huge Soviet-style diving boards in the middle of the empty fields. The Sun was really strong because Sevan is up in the mountains, we just lied on the grey pebble beach and covered our faces with clothes. Varsenik became a living sleeping sculpture. The water was not salty.

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