Sunday, March 26, 2006

BlogMe, RuinMe

OK so this blog is officially ruining me. I'm supposed to be prepaing two lectures for the coming weeks, instead I happen upon a photo and just think, "hmmm let me blog this really quickly", and then before you know it I've re-editing the same post over and over again, because, well, it just HAS to be just so, n'est pas? So anyway, this is one of my absolutely favourite buildings in Athens, Its a branch of the National Bank on Iera Odos and I dont know who the architect is but if you do, I want to know too. I keep saying that I'll go there super early on a sunday morning to photograph it without any cars but alas my nightclubbing days are entirely over and sunday mornings are better spent playing tennis.

I love this Faux-Castle-on-the-Beach too but for entirely different reasons. The bank is pure Architecture wheras as the faux castle is, ummm, well it's architecture too... Ok let me think about this for a while.

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