Tuesday, March 14, 2006

AA Tonight: Mr Francois Roche R&Sie(n) Architects

I was going to post Francois Roche's Hulk Bump so I emailed him to ask for pics, then I find out he's lecturing at the Architectural Association as I type. Here's an extract from Hulk Bump, the project he did during Stockholm At Large at Fargfabriken.
Blogger is acting up so I'll post the pics later

Green Land is like a green carpet.
Bumping the carpet in a random shape is the way to introduce new facilities, without style.
Using the Waste Land inside motorway flower is a strategy of a dense and compact entertainment center.
This volume with black box could be wear by everything.
The vegetable clothe in growing nature and micro alga is the way to absorb carbonic gas.
One big Leisure Center fragmented in several situations.
The motorway is becoming a building corridor between each entity.

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marc kremers said...

Thanks for featuring these guys, i love their work. While most architects are thinking "where do i put the door?" these guys are thinking about NDA (Near Death Experiences) as one immerses themselves through the virtual glass entrances! Also loved the proposals in the 'Three high definition project'. inspiring.